Monday, March 10, 2008


This last weekend I was snowed in with an unexpected March snowfall of 12 inches. Luckily, I could surf the net to fight my cabin fever. I found a great new blog, Nannybird Crafts. Nan makes these beautiful purses that are made of recycled plastic garbage bags and woven candy wrappers and magazine pages. These really interest me because I "recycle" vintage purses from the 40's - 60's. Nan's purses are just lovely. Head over there and check them out.
Anyway, I entered her contests (yes, there were 2) and I won a purse! Isn't that super! I could hardly believe it myself. I picked one woven from candy wrappers or magazine pages, it's still being sorted out exactly which one, but I'll post a pic for all of you to see when I receive the bag.
Now, those of you who are still with me, this is how this post affects you. Nan is giving away yet another bag! But Nan makes you work for the privilege of winning this bag so get on over to her blog and start counting - the rules are over there- and you could be a winner, too.
Oh, yeah, and be sure to tell her you learned about it from The Tattered Rose.
It's a great and generous prize. Good luck to you all!


Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi Trish, congrats on the purse, I can't wait to see what they look like, you know it was only the other day I was thinking on how to use all those plastic bags that keep coming into the house, but I think I have enough on my plate so I put them into the rec/bin. and thanks for coming over to visit me, and the advice about the bread, I must ring the toll free number like you did....thanks I have to say there is a lot of lovely green going on here and would very much so want to see all the St Pat's tags they sound divine, so are you in the area of US where they freak snow storm hit as it was all over the TV news here in Melbourne, Australia, Hope your keeping well with all that clod snow, while we swelt in heat waves that where not ment to have.
ok must go getting tied as its 11:30 pm and my eyes can focas on the screen...great getting to know you I'll be back to read more of your older soon.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Sounds to cool, happy you won a purse!! Hugs***Renea

miss magpie-pixie said...

Lucky you to win one of her creations !
I found a site here in the UK where i bought a few items from them . Check it out , if you have time !

Heather said...

I my, this is beautiful!~

hi, im Darly said...

What good fortune! Those purses are wonderful.