Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday I received a special package containing my Junque in My Trunk swap hosted by the lovely Heather. You can read more about the swap and visit Heather's blog here. When I tore off the brown paper packaging, the first thing I saw was this box from my swap partner Jessica. She made her own handmade box (yes, made, not covered) from scrapbook papers and the papers of a vintage book. It was just the right size to hold my "trunk."

Here's the inside of the box.

Notice the vintage papers.

Here's the outside of the box that Jessica made by embossing scrapbook papers. This photo did not come out well, but it is a lovely green paisley with gold embossed detailing.

And inside the beautiful handmade box was this lovely trunk. How cute is the vintage design on it? Don't you love the metal clasp. Also look at the pretty beads strung around the handle.

Jesssia made this little book for me and painted the outside green. The charm attached with the little beads is a polymer charm. Note to self: I must learn more about how to make these. There is an impressed design on the other side that looks like it was made with a rubber stamp or texturizing plate.

There was tons and tons of contents on the inside of my little trunk. These are some of the charms. Look at the little photo charm - so sweet and that little teapot charm is definitely going in the tea themed coffee table book (the covered vintage record album) I'm working on. How quaint is that little watch parts tin! I love it. I will definitely have to find just the right assemblage to put it into or I will never be able to use it!

Jessica was very generous and there were lots of buttons and trims included in the bottom of the trunk to use in future artwork.

Look how sweet she wrapped up some vintage maps, sheet music, photos, old playing cards and old flash cards! These little bundles look so tantalizing!

There were some truly unique vintage ephemera - an old blank "1936 Summit thread" diary, a March felt calendar (I see it in a future St. Paddy's Day something), old hardware store receipts from 1948, and an old letter from 1967 in a language I am guessing might be Russian. How great an ephemera pack would this be even if I hadn't gotten all the other great things! Jessica was so generous in parting with these items.
Thanks so much, Jessica for being such a great swap partner. I truly love my box and I will be sharing (well, in the sense of showing it to them so they can be envious) it locally with all my friends as well. Thanks for being such a sweetie about my own late send off of your box. It's on its way. After Jessica has received her box, I'll post pics to show you what I sent to her.


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Oh, I'm so happy you liked your package of goodies! :o) Heather wisely set us up as swap partners! Those kewpie tags look too cute. I'm itching to get my hands on them. Hugs!

Sherry/Cherie said...

WoW!!!! You received some incredible wonders...that trunk is incredible in itself!!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

What a beautiful box, so pretty. What a nice swap trunk!

miss magpie-pixie said...

Hi Trish !
your swap partner was very generous indeed ! Lots of goodies to have a look through , but the trunk is gorgeous by itself !!

Jenny said...

Trish- you made out like a bandit! What great stuff! I'm green.....Jenny at!