Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Recently I participated in an altered altoid tin swap over at Unshelved Words. I was lucky to already have several tins on hand - my friends know better than to throw away "trash" without checking with me first! LOL This swap was the perfect excuse I needed to alter my first tin. I sandpapered most of the tin to get it to accept paint. Then I painted the outside bottom with metallic copper acrylic paint - when this didn't take so well, I painted it with white gesso and reapplied the copper paint. Then I covered the top with a layer of Golden Gel Medium and applied a piece of upholstery sample. When the upholstery sample did not glue as well as I would have liked, I tried to rip it off the lid and start over. The ripping revealed another layer of fabric so I frayed this layer and left some of each. Then I covered the outside of the lid with a navy ribbon. I accidentally got some paint on the ribbon when I was sprucing up the paint job. In the end, I covered the navy ribbon with naturally aged tatting and added a velvet millinery flower to the top.

Here's what I added to the inside. I covered each section with scrapbook papers and added a pic of a little girl having a tea party with her cat and her dollies on a spring day. I added the phrase (the purpose of the assignment) "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea." On the left, I smeared some of the metal copper paint around the rim and added an old vintage button, a metal arrow and a Chinese cookie fortune that reads: "This could be the perfect day. Enjoy it." I finished the opposite side by applying a little piece of tatting I dyed green with Jacquard Dynaflow. I had originally glued this piece of the outside rim, but ripped it off because I thought the green was too bright.
What do you think??? I think its not so bad for a piece that is made almost entirely from my efforts to cover the previous mistake. Every artist's motto should be "Persevere - today's mistake could be tomorrow's treasure."


leavesofgreen said...

I really love the tin. What I want to know is where one would find such pretty fabric!
I do think some of my best discoveries have come from mistakes. I think it's good to show the process warts and all.
Congrats on your new article in HAUTE HANDBAGS.

obsessed scrapbooker said...

I agree, some of the best projects or scrapbook pages in my case, come from something I messed up and had to get creative on how to fix or disguise! Love that!

Nan said...

You and Patti G from Patti's Creations are both so clever, I envy your creativity. If you haven't visited her sight before, you might enjoy it.

I FINALLY remembered to get curry powder today!!! I will be trying your recipe this weekend, and speaking about recipes that look, well... sound good? Check out Hunnybunny on my sight too, she has a lentil and rice with fried onions served over herb roasted tomatoes, that sounds yummy. Her picture doesn't do the recipe justice but she swears it's great.

Sherry/Cherie said...

It's pretty!!!!! Did you see the slideshow of all the tins on Marilyn's blog -- they're wonderful!! Can't wait to get mine in the mail!!!

As for mistakes...some of the best art is made when fixing a "mistake"!! That's my motto!