Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have been participating in a scrap crow round robin. Each participant makes a crow and adds one embellishment and then sends the crow to the next person on the list. Each person gets one crow each month to embellish and the crows keep traveling around until they are finally back to their original owner. This is my latest offering. I added a little bejeweled gold crown to Lee's crow and sent her on her way. I made the crown from white trim painted with gold lumiere and formed stiff with glue. I glued it to her head with my favorite glue: Scrappy glue by magic scraps. Click on the pic to see the eyes that Lee set into each side of her crow's head before sending her out in the world. I am really hoping that she tells us how to set the eyes.
Here's the cute little journal Lee sent along with her crow so that we could document her journey.
Here's the two pages I added about the crown. The trim on the bottom left page is the same trim I used to make the crown.

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