Friday, April 11, 2008


This is my latest project. It's an old record album with 4 sleeves inside that previously held the records. This is an old one that has a linen like cover and linen hinges on the actual album. I bought it about 2 years ago at a Goodwill for a couple of dollars with the idea of altering it and I am just now getting starting. Last weekend I made a trip to a couple of local craft stores and chose the 12 pages of scrapbook papers. I covered all the pages, including the 4 sleeves inside the album that previously held the records. I reinforced each of the sleeves with 2 pieces of poster board (which I buy at the local Dollar General for 10/sheets for $1) inside the sleeves and put a bit of the paper from the previous page inside the sleeve as a lining (just cause it was prettier). I used 8 glue sticks to do all this gluing! Later I went around all the pages and used some other fast drying white glue just to make sure that all the edges were secure. I'm planning to make it into a coffee table book so it needs to be able to withstand lots of looking. The only thing I have added to the cover above yet are the 2 "water marks" I made with gold lumiere. Sorry this pics are so bad. The papers looked better before I posted them.
On the inside cover above I added two velvet ribbons - one on each side of the page. My My working title for the book is "Exotic Tease". The only real work I have done in the book yet is the lady in the teacup. There is a close-up below. I used a piece of a teacup notepad that my friend Pat gifted to me and strengthened it with poster board. Then I glued it down around the edges and "padded it" by stuffing it with bits of wax paper. The pics really don't do it justice, but it adds a nice dimensional effect. I read about this technique somewhere, but it is the first time I have tried it. If anyone remembers where it came from, please leave me a comment. Now that I have the pages covered, the fun can really begin this weekend.
Below are two more of the inside pocket pages. I dyed the trim at the bottom of the left page with turquoise Dyn-a-Flow to match the scrapbook papers.

Below are two of the inside pages. I added a teal suede ribbon and a green velvet rickrack to the page on the right.

Below is the last page and the back inside page

Below is the back cover


Sherry/Cherie said...

What an incredibly creative not to mention beautiful project Trish!!! This will make an ideal coffee table book and you will love looking through it all the time!

leavesofgreen said...

I just got a look at the album. I can't wait to see the pages as they finish. So far,so good!


obsessed scrapbooker said...

That is going to be awesome!!! LOVE IT! Love your choice of scrapbooking papers. Can't wait to see as it progresses.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

This is going to be so beautiful, can't wait to see the end result! Also love your purses that were in haute handbags.

Rachel Murphree said...

Trish, I love the pages you posted to the CPS group, especially the inside cover. Very cool mix of vintage and modern images. I came to your site, hoping you had posted more here. guess I'll have to wait!