Sunday, February 10, 2008


Back last month I was not looking forward to Valentine's Day. No sweetie to call my own and no celebrations in sight for the dreaded holiday. Then I had this idea for a Valentine Tag Book Swap among some of my friends at home and on the internet. My favorite comment was from my friend Marianne when I sent her my pitch for the swap by email. I apparently oversold the concept about how this swap would guarantee a fun Valentines Day because came her simple reply: "Will they be tall, dark and handsome, these valentine tags?" I sent back the message, "No, but they are the best I'm going to do this year! Are you in?" Came her reply: "I'm in!"

Some of the participants are veteran crafters/artists and some are relatively new and some were coached in by yours truly - most, maybe all of us, veteran and newbies alike, expressed the sentiment about whether or not our tags were "good" enough. I love them all - each and every one. They are all fabulous and I hope all who participated in the swap and all who may view them here will get as much enjoyment from them as I have gotten collecting them and making them into booklets to mail out and/or distribute. I am still waiting on one set of tags (and I apoligize to Dee that I don't have pics of hers here, but they are somewhere in the USPS hands), but I don't have a digital camera and my friends Pat and Nancy were kind enough to come over yesterday and help me take pics of the ones that have arrived safely. When I have all the tags, I will make a booklet so that each player will get a tag from each person. I just wanted to give you all a chance to see the pics before I mail them.

Tags (front and back) from Nancy, Sharon, and Sherry.

Tags (front and back) from Janet, Trish (me), and Pat.

Marianne's tags are made of felt and some bling and every one is a little difference. Here's a sampling. Here are a couple of Shari's tags and some shrink plastic charms I made for the booklets.

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Dolly said...

I am so bummed I missed this swap!
What fun!

Hugz, Dolly