Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last year I participated in a Seven Days/One Magazine Collage Challenge. Here's how it works:
1. Pick one magazine, any magazine. It can even be a free flyer from your local store. (I used Lucky magazine)
2. Pick a paper - any paper - I used cardstock, but you can easily use notebook paper.
3. Every day for one week make a collage by cutting out pictures from that same magazine and gluing them down on your paper with the glue of your choice (a glue stick is the easiest, but you can easily use any glue compatible with paper).
4. No mess, no fuss. Just a way to develop your skills. Try it! I think you will surprised with what you come up with. And if you tire before the 7 days are up...who's to know. Its just a little fun with glue and paper.
My own day 1 from last year is above.

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woof nanny said...

interesting idea. I'd like to try it, but with the 'rule' that you have to add on to the SAME collage every day.