Friday, February 1, 2008


I belong to a few Yahoo! groups and one of them is doing a scrap crow round robin. Each month I get someone else's crow to embellish and mine keeps flying around until all members of the group have added one detail to each person's crow. I posted my crow today. There she is to the right, Odeana Raven. I made her from a scrap of muslin I painted with black textile paint and embellished her with a scrap of gathered black lace torn from an old dressing gown cap and a silver heart locket with a pink sticker added to the middle of the heart. I sent her along with a letter of introduction to her first "sponser" in her little brown leather portfolio (a leather business card holder purchased from the 75% off table at Barnes & Noble) and a little travel journel which I embellished with a stamped owl. "Dear Sponser, ...Odeana is famous for her big heart...and her frilly feminine side." I was very proud that I was able to make her because I don't really sew, but I figured that since I was getting her back, no one could really complain if my workmanship wasn't up to snuff. I wish her well in her travels and I may have an update here from time to time about her adventures on her 9 month trip. Godspeed, Odeana! and may you return with many stories for your brothers, Hugninn and Muninn.

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leavesofgreen said...

I look forward to the adventures of Odessa.