Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Some months ago I signed up to participate in a scrap crow round robin. Each participant makes a crow from scraps and then adds one embellishment and sends the crow on to the next participant who adds one more embellishment and so on until the crow returns home - a new man (crow) so to speak. Each month I receive a new crow belonging to one of the other participants and I add my own flourish and send it on. Each artist may also include a small journal or tag book so that the crow's "flight" can be documented. It is a great concept and a lot of fun, except as luck would have it my crow was "lost" to a participant who dropped out and never sent her on to her next destination. (This is the biggest prob with RR's of all kinds.) I was a little demoralized, although the folks running this event could not have been nicer, and I am just now returning a crow for myself into play. Meet Homer Crow - wantabe crow in silver armour. He is alarmed that no one has heard from his beloved Odeana Raven and he is setting out to look for her. He is fortified by a pic taken just before she left home on her travels and he trying to be optimistic but fears the worst. I made Homer from a piece of muslin painted with black textile paint and stuffed with cotton batting. He can easily be painted on and I have enclosed a few pieces of left over fabric if anyone want to experiment before committing to paint on him. He wears a cloak of mourning I made for him from black tulle. I thought it was somber enough to fit his situation and still resemble feather. I have only sewn the tulle on in one place so you can cast it aside to decorate under it if desired.
Here's a picture of the journal I made to send along with Homer on his journey. There is a pic of his beloved Odeana Raven attached. You can read about her story here.

Here's a page from Homer's journal. There are plenty of blank pages so that each artist who makes improvements to Homer can add her comments.

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