Friday, January 11, 2008


One thing my friends all know about me: I love tea. I don't just find it a refreshing beverage. I love tea like some people love a fine wine. I am always in search of quality tea: Tazo, Republic of China, Twinnings...all fine teas, but the finest tea in my opinion has always been Taylors of Harrogate (Tea Room Blend). I haven't been able to find it anywhere so if someone out there find's what's happened to this tea, please leave a comment or send me any email and let me know. (Hint: not Imperial Tea Room)

I also love hot chocolate. I have many happy memories of my mother cooking it up on the stove with Hershey's cocoa and milk after I had a hard day outside sledding. But the finest hot chocolate I have ever had is Godiva Hot Cocoa (Dark Chocolate Truffle). If you aren't lucky enough to have a Godiva store near you, they also carry it at every Barnes & Noble I've visited. Its a little pricey at $10 a container but it makes 12 servings and its a nice treat at the end of a hard day. Must go heat up the milk now....

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