Wednesday, January 16, 2008


O.K. I think I'm flunking blogging. Sure, I like to write and I'm friendly enough and two of the main reasons I wanted a blog in the first place was to have a place to share my thoughts (mostly the arty ones) and connect with you similarly minded folk out there in blogland. But, I just can't get the darn photos and posts where I want them. This is a little frustrating! I picked up the new issue of CPS today and there's an article about how easy starting a blog is! Where are these easy instructional videos she speaks of in that article! I haven't seen any of them - I tried to look up my problems in the Help section and the answer sounded truly worse than my problem.

So, here's the thing. I'm a little competitive. Always have been. I think I was born that way. When I was in first grade I was the only kid in my reading group at school who had not gone to a private Kindergarten and everyone, but me, could read and write and count. I was so chagrined I remember making a secret list of all those who were "better" than me and (secretly) changing the list as I steadily climbed up it. Surely, if I was encouraged by my parents to be competitive, they must have done it with mirrors. Their parental teachings were appropriate instructions about using my God given abilities and doing my personal best. Still, there it is, my competitive nature, a blessing and a curse. But I am almost sure that I will eventually work out these technical blog difficulties because I have been visiting around here in Blogland and I am making a secret list and it is very, very long because you folks out there have seriously impressive blogs. I want one, too.

But until I work out these technical kinks, I am going to continue to blog, despite my embarassment, because I am a practical gal and I like having this platform and I love having company and I know that someday in the future, just like I learned to read, write and do arthimetic like my parents told me I would, that I too, can figure out how to post, do a layout, make a banner and size my photos. But rest assured that until that day arrives, I will making my secret list of the things you do better than me and trying to move (secretly) up my list. Because here's the thing: I'm competitive. I just can't help it. It's a blessing .... and a curse.

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