Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Mother Mary Purse

I call this purse my "Mother Mary" Purse. Mother had always loved the custom of wearing corsages on Mother's Day to honor your mother. For many years, we both wore pink corsages to church each Mother's Day, until her mother passed away and then only I wore a pink corsage and Mother wore a white one "to honor her mother." I never thought then that someday I might wear a white corsage in my mother's honor. And, indeed, by the time my mother passed away in 1984 from cancer, the custom had already fallen away. But on Mother's Day 2006, when I was in the middle of my year long purse project, I spent my Mother's Day making this purse to honor my mother. It has her face on the tiny little postage stamp in the frame, an 'M' for Mary, mother of pearl buttons, a little "Mom" tag and a white flower I distressed with tea and inks. A white flower in her honor. I carry this purse often and it is very special to me. I am always so pleased when people comment on it and I can tell them that it is my mother.

I miss you, Mom. I hope you liked your purse.


Megan said...

wow!!! I love your work! thanks for stopping by my blog!

A Thing for Roses said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit on my blog. Now it's my turn to get to know you on your blog. So far from what I see, pretty cool stuff!


pursestuff said...

Your Mother Mary Purse is beautiful and I found the story behind it moving. What a wonderful way to honor the life and spirit of your mother.

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