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Last February 1, 2008, Odeana Raven left home on a mission trip that was scheduled to cover 3 countries and 2 continents. She wished to become a more rounded crow and to have adventures so that she would have stories that could compete with her two brothers. She left behind a very distraught boyfriend, Homer Crow, who was very much in love with Odeana. When Homer's worst fears were realized and Odeana was never heard from after her first scheduled stop on her trip, Homer left home last June in search of her. He left with wearing his black cloak of mourning and carrying his diary. He expected that his scheduled travels in 3 countries and 2 continents would change him very much and he wanted to record his adventures so that he could share them when he returned.

Since Homer left here, I had the occasional report of his travels - a brief message here or there that he had landed somewhere or that he was on the wing again. By the end of December I knew that he would be returning home soon and I waited with bated breath to see what progress he had made in finding Odeana and how his travels had changed him.

Last week Homer returned. His diary now carries a "Miami Vice" button on the outside. No doubt somewhere along the way, he consulted that police department for aid in locating his beloved Odeana, though his diary does not contain this account.

As per the instructions of his last host, Robin, I read his journal before opening the other packages. I could tell by the journal that he had been the guest of many gracious hosts:

Cheri drew this picture in his diary so that he could remember the lovely waters where he searched from tree to tree for Odeana. She even recorded this ballad:

Homer the Crow

Has no place to go

but to explore a stream

and Oak tress between

Every perch every branch

Scowled for Odeana, perch

for a Scout in a black shadowed cowl.

Homer will find love in his clouds above

with the watergypsy he will glide thermaltypsy

With the Melody of Wind on Merlin's Crag he will find.

Alderly edge over cheshire basin

And there a true love find.

Always, Always Homer clung to his last photograph of Odeana Raven - the last one taken before she was lost - so young - so inexperienced - and so alone:

Always hoping, against hope that she could be found. Homer's story, as documented in his diary recount his untiring efforts to find his one true love. Felicia took him to the beach to take his mind off his troubles. But he soon took back to the air and redoubled his efforts in Canada when he visited Gail. I couldn't believe him when I saw him, he left home a boy, but he came home a man! The story recorded in his diary by the many kind hosts who gave him shelter and assistance in his search, is very compelling. Thanks so much to all who helped Homer along his way!

Terry kindly made him a necklace with his True Love's name:

Cheri, Lee, Felicia, Gail and Lee gave him many garments and other additions and he returned home like this:

Isn't he splendid! I can't believe what they have all done with him. I love the way someone tied up his black tulle coat of mourning with a ribbon with silver stars and adorned it with rhinestones. They gave him a great Geri curl, eyes of amber, a red beak and feet and lavished him with a silver heart and angel necklace.

But wait...there was another package! Here's the story as Robin recorded it in the diary in Homer's own words:
"I flew off and headed west. It started to get dark and then I saw a strange Blue Glow. So I went down to see what it was. I discovered this wonderful magical place in the woods - in a Valley of beautiful pines. There was a brook and trees. In the middle of this place was a village of these magical creatures. I was met by an old grandmother crow. She told me this was the magical place of Acadia Blue. The Queen of Red dog. She said that she watches over this magical place and rules it with peace and love and all are welcome. So I explained my journey to her and who I was looking for. She said, 'Ah..yes, come down and warm yourself and have some food. ' Awhile later after I had eaten and warmed, Grandmother Crow came into the fire circle. She said, 'Homer, the Crow, come with me. I have someone you should meet. ' We went into the deep pines and to a large oak tree. The tree was a home, her home, and we went inside. I couldn't believe my eyes - sitting by the fire was my Odeana.'
Odeana was even lovelier than I remembered her. She was now dressed in a lovely lace gown and had lovely wings of blue and a long blue scarf. But there was no mistaking her - she was my Odeana!
She looked up and our eyes met. We had found each other again!"

This is the last entry in Homer's diary, but I have been able to spend many happy hours with the couple since the day they arrived here. Everyone who meets them is much taken with the couple and can't believe there harrowing tale of how they lost each other and reconnected. There is talk of a June wedding. Also, though Homer is afraid to talk of this yet, they have been contacted by Paramount Studio about the possibility of a major motion picture to tell their story.

Thanks so much to all at Altered Art of Visions and Dreams who participated in this round robin. I loved this round robin and I will remember it always. I loved working on each of your crows and i hope that you love them as much as I love Odeana and Homer.

Special thanks to Robin for making me a replacement Odeana! It was so sweet of you and I really appreciate it! You're a doll!


Robin Krieger said...

Trish, that was wonderful .I am still grinning from ear to ear LOLOLOLOL let me know when the movie comes out LOLOLOLOL.
How funny !LOLOLOLOL

Staffordshire Garden said...

Hi Trish,
That was really great. Love all the snow people as well.

Deanne said...

Oh Trish not only are you a true artist you are a writer too!! love the Tale of Homer and Odeana and can't wait for the motion picture!! Great truly great!