Thursday, November 13, 2008


I signed up for a wild woman pin swap. After I signed up, I felt a little intimidated by all the great textiley(is that even a word - anyway, the girls are good with yarns and fibers) works by my fellow artists - I work mostly in paper. In the end I decided to cut the back of the head off a little rubber baby doll and paint her little white baby doll pony tail into a silver bee hive on the top of her head. She still wasn't looking wild enough so I painted her face gold. I thought it would cover all her features, but they still shown through so I wiped the paint off her eyes and mouth. I then made her a little cocoon made from a time card and attached a zipper to help with her emergence. I gave her wings made from silver tree leaves and stamped the word "FLY" on a little lingerie strap. The purple and green thing perched on her head is a dragon fly for good luck. I added a little bling and sparkly and sent her on her way. I named her Miss Meta for metamorphosis. What will I be after the change???? She's a little big and heavy to be a brooch, but I hoping whoever gets her will forgive me and will use her as a journal embellishment or some other good use. Good luck to Miss Meta in her travels.

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miss magpie-pixie said...

This is gorgeous Trish !

i don`t see what you were worried about ! You used some items in her that i wouldn`t have thought about using !!

i`m sure she`ll be appreciated by whoever receives her - and a great name BTW as well !

i wondered if you`re interested in my cracker swap ??
drop by my blog - if you are !